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Pressure balanced Shower Faucet Model No:19940-01 (BN)

Pressure balanced Shower Faucet Model No:19940-01 (BN)


Water hammer phenomenon is to open or close the faucet, due to some external reasons so that the water flow rate or water pressure suddenly changed, thus causing a shock wave of water flow, resulting in a sudden increase in pressure in the water pipe, issued like a hammer hit sound.

Our pressure balancing valve, which has a buffer spring built into the spool, can effectively reduce the water hammer effect, but it cannot be completely avoided. To prevent the water hammer effect from occurring during actual use, the air in the pipeline must be completely exhausted after the installation of the pipeline, and if necessary, equipment should be used for pumping, or a water hammer eliminator should be installed in the early installation of the pipeline.


Rain Shower Only
Pressure Balanced

Integral stops

COLOR: Brushed Nickel
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